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Article 1

The By-Law is based on the Collegium Internationale Activitatis Nervosae Superioris (hereinafter referred to as CIANS) Statutes for putting into effect its Article 9.  


Article 2

Its goal is to realize the purposes of CIANS, that are:  

  • to promote the interdisciplinary scientific meetings in the field of cognitive and behavioural sciences, physiology, psychology, pathology, pharmacology, biomedical sciences and other disciplines concerned with health and disease, emphasizing the role of integrative Higher Nervous Functions.

  • to foster collaborative studies, both experimental and clinical, concerned with the development and integration of biological, psychological and social sciences relevant to treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of disease and disability, and to promotion of health and quality of life.

  • to spread knowledge of the impact of cognitive, behaviour, life style, the stressful life events and other psychosomatic factors on health and health related quality of life.

  • to enhance the education of social and health professionals, and other people engaged in the field of practical application of the relevant knowledge, emphasizing integrative approaches to health.

Article 3

CIANS membership

Membership of CIANS shall be open to all interested persons, societies, institutions, organizations or groups either medically or scientifically qualified in pursuing interests relevant to or helping the CIANS goals.

Individual membership

  • Full members (scientists and health professionals active in the area of CIANS interests)

  • Honorary and Emeritus members (scientists or health professionals who have made a distinguished contribution to CIANS goals)

Collective membership

  • Affiliate members (any scientific society, professional organization, national or regional organized groups pursuing to CIANS objectives)

  • Sustaining members (any other organization, society, industry or enterprise, helping the CIANS purpose).

Article 4

The governing body

The General Meeting is the supreme governing body of CIANS which consists of individual members and a representative from each affiliate member. CIANS shall hold a General Meeting every fourth year, mostly in connection with CIANS Congresses. During the interval between two General Meetings, CIANS may organize conferences and/or symposia, meetings, courses, lectures, discussions or seminars devoted to CIANS topics or interest which may be connected with the General Meeting of CIANS members.

The CIANS Council consists of members elected by the General Meeting and of a delegate from each affiliate member. The Editor-in-Chief of "Homeostasis in Health and Disease", the official journal of CIANS (hereinafter referred to as "Homeostasis") will be ex-officio member and chairpersons of scientific committees will be members ex-officio in an advisory capacity. Nomination of members for election to the Council shall be made by two members and submitted by them jointly in writing with the consent of the nominee and his curriculum vitae to the Secretary two calendar months prior to the General Meeting. For the avoidance of doubt, it is acknowledged that the Council Members are to be elected as individuals or as representatives of a particular region or an affiliate member.

The Executive Committee consists of eight members elected by the Council. The members are the President, President Elect, Past President, Secretary General, Secretary Treasurer, and three Counselors. Another Counselor can be co-opted by the Executive Committee as Congress Organizer.


Article 5

Rules of management of CIANS

  • The General Meeting is the supreme governing boy of the CIANS. Its duty is provided for by Article 4 of CIANS Statutes. It shall meet every fourth year and shall elect the Council from a slate proposed by a nominating committee (appointed by the Executive Committee). Ex-officio members and delegates of affiliate members are automatically members of the Council.

  • The Council has the duty provided for by Article 5 of CIANS Statutes. It shall be elected for a period of four years, with the possibility of re-election. It shall meet at least once in a quadriennium and at any other time which the President may consider necessary. It shall elect every two years the President Elect and three Counselors and when necessary to fill the mid-term vacancy to elect also the Secretary General and the Secretary Treasurer.

  • The function of the Executive Committee shall be to ensure the efficient management of the business of the Council and the CIANS and generally to promote the work and aims of the CIANS between two consecutive CIANS Congresses. It shall meet at least annually. It appoints a nominating committee for Council election, co-opts a Congress Organizer, organizes congresses, conferences, courses and other scientific and promotional activities.

  • The President represents the CIANS and shall hold office for two years (after this period he shall become Past President) and succeed to his office from that of President Elect. He shall convene (ordinarily and whenever he considers necessary) and preside at meetings of the governing body. He shall have the authority to approve foundation of scientific committees and ad-hoc advisory commissions or panels and to approve National Secretaries or Regional Secretaries. Other duties are provided by Articles 10 and 11 of CIANS Statutes.

  • The President Elect shall be elected to serve during the two years of office of the President, so that the term of President Elect and subsequent presidency will be four years. The President Elect shall assist and deputize for the President in the event of absence.

  • The Past President shall hold office for two years, so that the term of President and subsequent Past Presidency will be four years. The Past President shall assist the President and the President Elect in ensuring continuity of the Executive Committee.

  • The Secretary General shall be elected for four years, with the possibility of reelec�tion, and his stay in office may exceed the above time limit for the sake of continuity. The central office of CIANS will be located at the residence of Secretary General. He shall take care of CIANS archives, shall compile the agenda and the minutes of all meetings, shall organize the meetings and the elections by postal ballot, shall be in contact with the Editor-in-Chief of Homeostasis, will maintain liaison with the members of CIANS and the governing body and provide assistance to the Secretary Treasurer as is necessary from time to time in the carrying of his duties.

  • The Secretary Treasurer shall be elected for four years with the possibility of re-elec�tion and his stay in office may exceed the above time limit for the sake of continuity. He shall be responsible for the financial administration of CIANS in close cooperation with the other officers, he shall make written and oral annual reports on financial status of CIANS to the Executive Committee, and in consultation with the President and the Secretary General shall prepare an annual budget for approval by the Executive Committee. He is charged with collecting the CIANS fees, finding other funds, and with promoting and advertising CIANS. He is also responsible for ordinary expenditure and when necessary for reasonable extraordinary expenditure within the limits of CIANS finances. The Secretary Treasurer shall present to the General Meeting of CIANS an audited Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet of CIANS.

  • The Congress Organizer is co-opted in the Executive Committee for organizing the next congress or conference.

Article 6

Voting Each body shall pass its resolutions by simple majority of votes. In each case voting may be by postal ballot organized by the Secretary General.


Article 7

Compensation No member of CIANS shall receive compensation for his services, but the Executive Committee members, if possible, shall be paid reasonable expenses where these are incurred in carrying out their duties and they do not pay the registration fees for CIANS congresses and conferences.


Article 8

The means of realizing the goals of CIANS shall be through organizing congresses, conferences, courses, workshops and other types of scientific meetings and activities, through cooperating with other scientific societies, groups or institutes, through supporting the scientific work of CIANS members, through promoting the circulation of the official journal of CIANS "Homeostasis", through publishing Newsletters and spreading CIANS news by internet or other means.

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