Bratislava, 2016

Dear members of C.I.A.N.S., dear colleagues and friends,

The organizers of the event:

Collegium Internationale Activitatis Nervosae Superioris
Slovak Neuropsychiatric Society SkMA
Slovak Society for Higher Brain Functions SkMA

cordially invite You to participate at the above Joint event which will be held

21. – 23. September 2016
in Austria Trend Hotel,
Bratislava, Slovakia.


The 25th International C.I.A.N.S. Conference 2016 will be held in Bratislava, Slovakia, September 21-23th, 2016 just after the end of the 29th ECNP Congress in Vienna, Austria. The C.I.A.N.S. conference is organized within the frame of the joint meeting with the 5th Congress of the Slovak Society of Neuropsychiatry. The Slovak Society for Higher Brain Functions SkMA and The Slovak Society of Neuropsychiatry SkMA are the local organizers.

As usual, the programme of the C.I.A.N.S. conference will contain the trans-disciplinary approaches in the experimental and clinical study of the higher brain functions within the framework of the neuroscience, neurophysiology, psychiatry, neurology, psychology, neuropsychopharmacology, research of cognitive functions and related fields. The traditional approaches are:

  • electrophysiology,
  • psychophysiology,
  • neuroimaging,
  • reactions to load and higher regulatory mechanisms,
  • integrative physiology: experimental and clinical,
  • brain biochemistry,
  • psychopharmacology,
  • psychosomatic and behavioural medicine,
  • animal models and others


Abstracts will be sent in the form of on line at a time from 25. April 2016 to 10. September 2016.  More information will be provided soon on the web sites of the Join event.

Local Organizing Committee:

  • Fedor Jagla
  • Katarína Jariabková
  • Jana Jurkovičová,
  • Jana Lipková
  • Daniela Ostatníková
  • Olga Pechanova
  • Igor Riečanský

International C.I.A.N.S. Committee

  • Fedor Jagla
  • Spiridione Masaraki
  • Svyatoslav Medvedev
  • Federico Colombo
  • Jan Barcal
  • Viktoria Moiseeva
  • Daniela Ostatnikova
  • Michel Simmoneau
  • Yuko Urakami


will be opened  at  April 25th, 2016  on the web page  of  the Slovak Neuropsychiatric Society SkMA. The organizers will provide links on the web pages of the C.I.A.N.S. as well as on the pages of the Slovak Society for Higher Brain Functions SkMA.  On – line registration will be open up to the September 10th. After this day the registration will be possible at the Registration office of the Joint event at the Austria hotel.
The whole event will be organized in two paralal sections.

Conference fee:

On line registration:
80 Euro member of the Slovak Neuropsychiatric Society SkMA
80 Euro member of the Slovak Society for Higher Brain Functions SkMA
100 Euro regular participant
60 Euro PhD student
50 Euro accompanying person

Registration at the venue:
100 Euro member of the Slovak Neuropsychiatric Society SkMA
100 Euro member of the Slovak Society for Higher Brain Functions SkMA
120 Euro regular participant
80 Euro PhD student
70 Euro accompanying person

Registration fee inludes:  Congress material: Programme, Certificate of attendance, Conference bag, Access to Scientific programme, Exhibition, Welcome reception

Registration fee does not inlude attendance at conference banquet.

The payment for the conference banquet could be paid together with the Congress fee.
12 Euro members of organizing societies
12 Euro participants
12 Euro PhD student
12 Euro accompanying person


There are 50 double rooms available at Austria Trend Hotel Bratislava. After this limit is exhausted, additional options will be available to the replacement rate. Accommodation will be dealt with on line system via the web page of the Slovak Neuropsychiatric Society SkMA.

The price for accommodation:
Price per night and per person in a room occupied by one participant of the events with breakfast:  Euro 92 per night
per person in a room occupied by two participants  with breakfast: Euro 48 per night


The local organizers will very appreciate to obtain the preliminary registration of participants. Use please the following contact: