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Dear C.I.A.N.S. members, colleagues and friends,

For the first I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for electing me as the president of the C.I.A.N.S. for the period of 2005-2007. It is a great honour to me and I promise to do the best for further development of the organization.

Collegium Internationale Activitatis Nervosae Superioris was founded in 60th years of the last century. This is unique international organization uniting scientists and physicians of various specializations whose efforts are aimed at understanding of the integrative functions of the brain, psychology and neurobiology of cognitions and behaviour, neuro-psychopathology and psychosomatic relationships in health and disease.

One of the means by which these tasks can be solved is organization of international multidisciplinary conferences and symposia. The last conference in Bratislava (Slovakia) has just successfully ended and we all should be grateful to Dr. F.Jagla and his colleagues and co-workers for the magnificent organization and interesting scientific program of the conference. Dr. F.Jagla was our president during 2003-2005. He has made great contribution to the development of the C.I.A.N.S., attraction of new members and to the organization and carrying out of international multidisciplinary meetings. Organization of such kind of conferences and symposia will be continued as well. Next one is planed on June 17-18, 2006 and will be held in Milan (Italy) as satellite conference of the 28th International Congress on Occupational Health (June 11-16 2006 - president prof.Vito Foа). This C.I.A.N.S. conference became possible thanks to the efforts of Gian Franco Goldwurm � a president of the C.I.A.N.S. from 1999 to 2001 - and his colleagues from Milan. The C.I.A.N.S. conference 2007 will take place in Saint-Petersburg (Russia). I hope numerous members of the C.I.A.N.S. as well as non-member specialists will take active part in the conferences.

In my opinion there is one more possibility to form closer scientific contacts within the C.I.A.N.S. I mean joint scientific projects and agreements. Work under them would be extremely important and useful for coordination of our investigations. As an example I would like to present project of joint investigation ongoing since 2004 between Pavlov Institute of Physiology (St. Petersburg, Russia) and Institute of Normal and Pathological Physiology (Bratislava, Slovakia). This project allows both Institutes to use financial opportunities of the Academy of Sciences of Slovakia and Russian Academy of Sciences for maintaining scientific contacts and exchanging of scientists including young ones. I think that creation of such kind of joint projects between specialists of different countries and searching of financial support for their realization are quite possible within the C.I.A.N.S.

One more factor uniting us is our international journal �Homeostasis in health and disease�. Existence of this journal is important for the organization and we are very grateful to Milan Horvath for his active and extremely useful work.

Last but not least I would like to sincerely thank all members of the Executive Committee for the cooperation and maintenance of friendly atmosphere in the C.I.A.N.S. and to express hope for continuation of our teamwork.

Prof. Vitaly.Bagaev

Pavlov Institute of Physiology

St.Petersburg, Russia


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