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(amended in 1988)**   

Article 1

The name of the organization is CIANS, International Association of Integrative Nervous Functions: Neurobiology of Behaviour and Psychosomatics. The central office of CIANS will be located at the residence of the Secretary General.  

Article 2

CIANS, organized in 1958 and formally founded in 1960, is the oldest international society in the field of behavioural neuroscience, integrative physiology and psychosomatic medicine.

Its purpose is to foster the interdisciplinary studies on problems of practical importance to neuroscience, psychology and biomedical science, and to the education of social and health care professionals. It emphasizes integrative approaches to these problems in order to understand how and through which mechanisms psychosocial factors and stress impact on behaviour, homeostasis and health.  

The integrative approach is also evident in its further goal of supporting the development of health care measures designed to act as adjuncts with other available modalities to decrease death and disability from disease.

In order to fulfill the above goals CIANS will 

  • a) organize scientific conferences, work­shops, and courses of continuing education and cooperate in such activities with other societies; 

  • b) publish proceedings of such meetings and co-sponsor publications of its official organ "Homeostasis" (formerly Activitas Nervosa Superior), an international journal devoted to regulatory mechanisms ranging from molecular to systemic processes with emphasis on the integrative role of central nervous system in health and disease.

Article 3

There shall be individual and collective memberships. Individual membership includes full, honorary and emeritus status; collective membership includes affiliate and sustaining members.

(a) Full membership

In order to become full members, scientists and health professionals active in the area of CIANS interests must submit a membership application (proposed by two sponsors, members of CIANS) and be accepted for membership by the Executive Committee.

(b) Honorary and emeritus members

A scientist of health professional who has made a distinguished contribution to CIANS goals and was an active member of CIANS, shall be admitted to honorary membership after proposal by three members, approval by the Executive Committee and election by the Council. The President may, with the Executive Committee's approval appoint emeritus members on their retirement from professional activity after a minimum of 10 years of full membership.

(c)  Affiliate membership

Is open to any scientific society or professional organization pursuing interests relevant to CIANS objectives.

(d) Sustaining and corporate membership

May be extended to any organization, society, industry, or enterprise. Sustaining membership does not confer on members of the organization the same rights enjoyed by individual members.

Article 4

The General Meeting is the supreme governing body of CIANS and approves the constitution, amendments thereto, administrative matters such as election of officers, members of the Council and reports by its Executive Committee. Membership approval may be arranged through a postal ballot.

CIANS shall hold a General Meeting every fourth year, mainly in connection with CIANS Conferences. During the interval between the general meetings, CIANS may organize meetings devoted to scientific topics.


Article 5

The Council of CIANS is empowered to implement the purposes defined in this constitution.

The CIANS Council shall consist of elected officers and council members representing individual or collective members (affiliated societies). The Editor-in-Chief of Homeostasis will be will be ex-officio member and chairpersons of scientific committees will be members ex-officio in an advisory capacity.

The election shall be by postal ballot from a slate proposed by a nominating committee (appointed by the Executive Committee) with the aim of representing as far as possible a balanced geographical and professional distribution of CIANS membership.

The Council shall meet at least once in a quadriennium and at any other time which the President may consider necessary. A special meeting of the CIANS Council will also be convened at the request of a majority of its members.


Article 6

The business of CIANS will be conducted by an Executive Committee consisting of the President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary General, Secretary Treasurer, and members of the Executive Committee. The Vice-Presidents shall be the immediate Past President and the President Elect. The Executive Committee shall meet at least annually.


Article 7

All members of the CIANS Council shall be elected for a period of four years, with the possibility of re-election for a total of two successive periods of four years in the same position, except for the President and Vice-Presidents who shall hold office for two years only and except for both secretaries whose stay in office may exceed the above time limit for the sake of continuity. The CIANS council shall have the power to replace any unforeseen vacancy among the executive officers either from the other members of the Council or from the full or honorary members of CIANS.


Article 8

The President shall have the authority to approve foundation of scientific committees and of ad-hoc advisory commissions or panels. Each commission will conduct its program and elect its own chairman, compatible with CIANS Statutes.

In order to facilitate CIANS activities, CIANS members may organize themselves on a national or regional basis (corresponding to areas of WHO Regional Offices). They may nominate, with approval of the President, National Secretaries or Regional Secretaries.


Article 9

The Executive Committee shall formulate and enact by-laws essential for the efficient application of the Constitution.  

Article 10

These statutes may not be changed except at a General Meeting or a special meeting of CIANS called for that purpose. The proposed changes shall be submitted in writing to the President at least eight weeks before any such General Meeting and circulated first to the members of CIANS together with the agenda for the General Meeting. A two thirds vote of members present will be required to effect such changes.


Article 11

Dissolution of CIANS may be requested by a majority of the ordinary members of CIANS. The request must be sent to the President in writing at least ten weeks in advance of a General Meeting, discussed by the CIANS Council and circulated to the members of CIANS, together with the proposed agenda for the General Meeting. No change shall be made unless two thirds of the members present vote in favor of the dissolution. In case of dissolution of CIANS, the funds remaining in the Treasury shall be given to an international organization for neurosciences.

*Collegium Internationale Activitatis Nervosae Superioris

** Accepted by postal ballot in 1989

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